Challenging the punitiveness of ‘new-generation’ SORN laws

Wayne A. Logan of the Florida State University College of Law has an article in the 21 New Law Review article worth checking out. Here is the abstract: Sex offender registration and notification (SORN) laws have been in effect nationwide since the 1990s, and publicly available registries today contain information on hundreds of thousands ofContinue reading “Challenging the punitiveness of ‘new-generation’ SORN laws”

FSU Prof.: Reforming Registries

Florida State University Law Professor Wayne Logan has written a report, titled “Reforming Registries,” that looks at the evolution of Sex Offender Registration and Notification laws, and offers some suggestions for reforming the laws. Since the 1990s, laws in U.S. jurisdictions have required that convicted sex offenders, living in communities, provide identifying information to authorities,Continue reading “FSU Prof.: Reforming Registries”