Authorities: Approximately 97% of registrants compliant with state law

As reported in the Omaha World-Herald:The U.S. Marshals Service partnered with several law enforcement agencies Wednesday to check that nearly 100 sex offenders living in Gage and Saline Counties were in compliance with state regulations. The operation led to the seizure of five guns from one offender and pending weapons charges. Three others were found to […]

UNO Professor, FEARLESS Shine a Light on Nebraska Law Enforcement Practices

Vague state laws often open the door to local enforcement abuses.There are wide variances in how state laws applying to Registered Citizens are enforced from county to county in Nebraska, according to research by Lisa Sample, PhD,  Reynolds Professor and Masters Program Coordinator at the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Nebraska […]

Despite LB 285 of 2009, Rape Reaches Historic High Levels in Nebraska

Rape in Lincoln is at its highest level in 25 years, and rape in Nebraska is on the rise in spite of the state’s harsh sex-offender law enacted in 2009.If the law — LB 285 of 2009 — worked as it was advertised, we would not have this tragic and growing list of victims.LB 285 […]

How Much of That State Patrol Overtime is Registry Make-Work?

The Nebraska State Patrol has found it necessary to rein in overtime due to scrutiny from the news media.While the governor’s travel appears to be getting most of the attention, we have to ask again: How much of the overtime is due to useless make-work that was created when Nebraska in 2010 decided to throw […]

How About a Registry of Harebrained Politicians?

If someone does not stop them, politicians some day will have managed to put everyone except themselves on shaming registries.Utah politicians are setting up a registry to shame and re-punish white-collar former offenders. Click here to read about it.

Local N.Y. Residency Laws Struck Down; Evidence Shows They Weren’t Working as Advertised Anyway

New York State’s highest court has struck down dozens of local residency restriction ordinances.Even if they were legal, however, the evidence shows that such ordinances don’t work as advertised anyway. Read more.

From San Diego City Beat: Tier It Up

California has the biggest sex-offender registry in the U.S.—for no good reason By Kelly DavisCalifornia is one of only four states that require adults convicted of certain sex crimes to register with local law enforcement each year for life. Crime-free for 50 years? Bedridden? It doesn’t matter. This lifetime requirement has turned California’s registry into […]

2014 in Review: Voters Reject Bruning and Pirsch

Fifth in a series looking back on some of the year’s best-read posts.May 2014The architects of Nebraska’s current “hammer and shame sex offenders” law — Atty. Gen. Jon Bruning and State Sen. Pete Pirsch — are kicked to the curb by voters, causing us to exclaimOh, Happy Day! Bruning, Pirsch Lose at the Polls

Where Have We Heard This Before? Whip Up Hysterical Fear and Rake in the Tax Dollars (and Votes)

We’re happy to be so not alone.This blog has been diligent in exposing how profitable it is for certain groups to manufacture hysteria over sexual offending. There is in fact a burgeoning sex offender industry in our nation, and some of those who benefit are for-profit prison operators, makers of GPS bracelet technology, law enforcement […]