OnceFallen: The forgotten victims of National Crime Week

Derek Logue of OnceFallen.com writes about some notable victims who don’t get mentioned during a week set aside to remember crime victims — registered sex offenders who are victims of vigilantes and government policy. The week of April 8th to April 14th of 2018 has been declared “Nation Crime Victim’s Rights Week,” and while discussionsContinue reading “OnceFallen: The forgotten victims of National Crime Week”

How sex offender registries can result in vigilante murder

Another good reason to abolish sex offender registries. With the backdrop of the discussion of creating a public registry in Canada, Vice looks at how vigilantes use registries to target people on the list (and those close to them.) Some Canadian conservatives are pushing for more public sex offender registries. But there is a historyContinue reading “How sex offender registries can result in vigilante murder”

Sex Offender Registries invite vigilantism

At his Life on the List blog, Steven Yoder has a couple pieces detailing how sex offender registries lead to vigilante attacks against registrants and their families. In one post, Yoder lists some of the more egregious examples of vigilantism that occurred in 2017 and explains how the government lists themselves tacitly encourage such actions. First,Continue reading “Sex Offender Registries invite vigilantism”