Judge overturns Vermont town’s residency restrictions

Another town has seen its sex offender residency restriction struck down in court. A judge has declared the restriction in Rutland, Vermont unconstitutional. The judge, Samuel Hoar, Jr., had strong words about the town’s ordinance. “What the city has done here is effectively to declare an entire class of persons to be a public nuisance,Continue reading “Judge overturns Vermont town’s residency restrictions”

The Dobbs Wire: Vermont does the registry different

Like all states Vermont has a sex offense registry and there’s a website to make the information available worldwide, 24/7.   “Community notification” is the official purpose but extreme ‘naming and shaming’ a more honest take.  The typical registry website has a great deal of personal information about registrants including name, age, photo, home address, detailsContinue reading “The Dobbs Wire: Vermont does the registry different”