Are sex offender registries reinforcing inequality?

That seems like a silly question, but Trevor Hoppe writes about his research on sex offender registries and what he calls our nation’s “war on sex.” He says there are racial disparities tied to sex offender registries. In my work on sex offender registries, I have found that black men in the U.S. were registered at ratesContinue reading “Are sex offender registries reinforcing inequality?”

Are sex offender registries reinforcing inequalities?

Trevor Hoppe, an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Albany has an essay online at The Conversation. Public sex offender registries are at the forefront of what I’ve described in my research as a “war on sex.”  Offenders convicted of sex crimes are now singled out for surveillance and restrictions far more punitive thanContinue reading “Are sex offender registries reinforcing inequalities?”

Study: One percent of black men in U.S. is a registered sex offender

A new study finds that one-percent of black men in the United States is a registered sex offender. University of Albany Assistant Professor of Sociology Trevor Hoppe analyzed data from 49 states that shows the number of registered sex offenders increased by nearly 25-percent between 2005 and 2013. Embedded in those increased registration rates, researchersContinue reading “Study: One percent of black men in U.S. is a registered sex offender”