The Recidivism Trap

In a commentary for The Marshall Project, Jeffrey A. Butts and Vincent Schiraldi make a compelling argument why recidivism rates are the wrong measurements by which to judge the success or failure of the criminal justice system.Rather than asking “what’s the recidivism rate?” we should ask an entirely different set of questions about justice interventions. […]

Kansas bill would remove drug offenders from public registry

In Kansas, many people convicted of drug crimes are placed on a public registry along with those convicted of sex offenses. The state of Kansas is considering relieving some 4,600 or so “drug offenders” of the burden of being on a public registry.The rationale for removing drug offenders from the registry also apply to sex […]

Supreme Court could decide future of civil commitment

The Supreme Court will decide this week whether to take up a case challenging Minnesota’s Sex Offender Treatment (civil commitment) Program. Maurice Chammah reports in an article for the Marshall Project.If someone finishes a prison sentence for a violent sexual crime, but might still be dangerous, should he be released? How do you know if he’s […]

When autism, child pornography, and the courts collide

Are people with autism over-represented among those prosecuted for possession of child pornography? In an investigation for the Marshall Project, Anat Rubin spoke with autism experts and family members of men who have been prosecuted who are convinced that autism made their loved on more susceptible to downloading child porn. Rubin followed the ordeal of one family.The […]