Defendant takes longer prison term in attempt to avoid registry

The Tennessean reports that former Vanderbilt University football player Brandon Banks, one of four charged in the rape of a fellow student, turned down a plea bargain and opted to go to trial…in an attempt to avoid the sex offender registry. The deal offered by prosecutors reportedly included a 10-year prison term, versus the 15-to-25Continue reading “Defendant takes longer prison term in attempt to avoid registry”

Lawsuit filed against Tennessee sex offender registry

A lawsuit has been filed against retroactive enforcement of another state’s sex offender registry, this time in Tennessee. The lawsuit mirrors a successful challenge to provisions of Michigan’s sex offender registry. The case, filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Nashville, argues that Tennessee’s registration laws are illegally applied retroactively. It notes that the lawsContinue reading “Lawsuit filed against Tennessee sex offender registry”