Why sex offender registries keep growing even as sexual violence rates fall

The latest map of registered sex offenders in the United States put out in May by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, shows there are now more than 900,000 men, women, and children on sex offender registries.While the number of people on sex offender registries is increasing, Steven Yoder, writing for The Appeal, […]

Florida ministry deals with sex offender registry

Steven Yoder writes an article for the Christian Century about a residential ministry in Florida that helps sex offenders transitioning out of prison. One would think these kinds of programs would be well supported as a way to help people get back on their feet.Baptist minister Glenn Burns calls the evening of April 7, 2016, […]

Sex Offender Registries invite vigilantism

At his Life on the List blog, Steven Yoder has a couple pieces detailing how sex offender registries lead to vigilante attacks against registrants and their families.In one post, Yoder lists some of the more egregious examples of vigilantism that occurred in 2017 and explains how the government lists themselves tacitly encourage such actions.First, the public […]

Dear Reporters: Consider the truth about sex offender registry

Steven Yoder writes an open letter to local reporters to put facts before fear when covering stories about registered citizens.Good reporting means better governance. An issue as important as sexual violence badly requires your objectivity and independent judgment to move our leaders away from policies that waste money or cause needless pain, and toward those […]

Why reporters should stop using "predator"

Steven Yoder explains on his blog, Life on the List, why reporters should stop using the word “predator” when referring to people who have committed sex offenses.In May, the AP Stylebook changed its guidelines for how reporters should refer to people with substance abuse problems. “Avoid words like alcoholic, addict, user and   abuser unless they are in quotations or names […]

New evidence that US sex offender laws increase crime

Writing at qz,com, Steven Yoder explains how U.S. sex offender policies — such as residency restrictions, public notification, and sex offender registries themselves — increase ctrime.In a study released in July 2016, researchers from the California and Canadian justice departments looked at more than 1,600 California sex offenders on probation or parole. Overall, the group’s sex-crime recidivism […]

What is the actual sex offender recidivism rate?

Steven Yoder writes an outstanding article for Pacific Standard, asking what is the real sex offender recidivism rate. The answer is it’s much lower that commonly believed – certainly it’s not “frightening and high” as Justice Kennedy asserted in 2003 – and is even low considering under reporting of sex offenses.Read the article.