If Drunk Drivers Were Treated Like Sex Offenders

The latest from SOSEN: Nobody likes sex offenders. People aren’t very fond of drunk drivers, either. In fact persons convicted of DUI, DWI are thousands of times more likely to be involved in the same type of crime again, and kill or injure far more people including children and young adults each year than previouslyContinue reading “If Drunk Drivers Were Treated Like Sex Offenders”

Our Pageviews Push Higher

A few weeks ago we noted that the NebraskaFACTS blog surpassed 10,000 page views. It took about a year to get there. In the 18 days since that report, our pageviews have jumped by 20 percent — now surpassing 12,000. We suspect that this is due to the increasing national attention that is being givenContinue reading “Our Pageviews Push Higher”