The sex trafficking panic is based on myths

In a compelling article, BuzzFeed contributors Jenny Heineman and Brooke Wagner deconstruct the myths about sex trafficking in the United States.  Good data is hard to come by in an industry kept largely in the shadows. That’s why, from 2012 to 2014, we spent nine months walking a stretch of road in Las Vegas wellContinue reading “The sex trafficking panic is based on myths”

How $40 can land you in prison and on the sex offender registry

In a thought-provoking piece for Truth-out, Victoria Law details the harsh punishment meted out to those caught in the draconian web of U.S. sex trafficking laws. The danger of sex trafficking has become a rallying cry for law enforcement, prosecutors and politicians. Furthermore, sex work and sex trafficking are often conflated, aided by inflated (and wrong) statistics and sensationalizedContinue reading “How $40 can land you in prison and on the sex offender registry”