Increased penalties for registered citizens move forward in SD Legislature

Lawmakers in South Dakota have advanced legislation that would increase the punishment for failing to keep sex offender registration up to date. Senate Bill 61¬†would increase the penalty for sex offenders who fail more than once to register after moving to a new address. Currently, law penalizes second offenses the same as first offenses, aContinue reading “Increased penalties for registered citizens move forward in SD Legislature”

Are we all Sex Offenders?

That is the question Galen Baughman asks in this TEDx lecture, given to a college audience in New York last November. Baughman spent nine years in a Virginia prison, for having consensual sex with his 14-year-old boyfriend when he was 19 years old. He won his freedom in a historic civil commitment trial. Watch theContinue reading “Are we all Sex Offenders?”

Could there BE a slower news day?

The headline says, “Check Finds Most Sex Offenders Living At Registered Address“. After conducting a recent “Sex Offender Registry Compliance Check,” the Pottawattamie County [IA] Sheriff’s Office says nearly all of the sex offenders they checked were living at his or her registered address. The disappointment is almost palpable. Perhaps they expected to find allContinue reading “Could there BE a slower news day?”