Be Fearless – First Meeting is August 25

We call it the Fearless Group.It is a safe place where registered citizens, their families and friends can connect and learn from one another. The first meeting will be at 7 p.m. Monday, August 25, 2014 at Saint Michael Lutheran Church, 13232 Blondo Street, Omaha.Two more meetings at the same time and location are set […]

An Open Letter to the Holdrege City Council

Someone in Holdrege, Nebraska, is floating the idea of a 500-foot residency restriction for some registered citizens.Top of your to-do list should be getting good accurate information about state law on these matters. You should read the law yourself because in at least one Nebraska city, the Council got wrong info from the city attorney […]

Sex, Lies and Law Enforcement

The next time you hear some law enforcement source quote numbers in connection with sweeps, stings or compliance checks on registered citizens, keep in mind that they’re probably lying.All sorts of deceptive tricks are being used to inflate numbers so that law enforcement agencies can continue to rake in the grant dollars (your tax dollars) […]

Newsletter: ‘Safe Space’ Initiative Will Go Forward

Nebraskans Unafraid will provide a place where registered citizens, their families and friends can meet and learn from one another, according to the July issue of the Ninety-Five% Newsletter published by NU.The initiative has the endorsement of one of the nation’s leading experts in sex offender law and its impact on families.“Families affected by these […]

Extortionist Charles Rodrick Gets It in the Shorts

The sun is setting on extortionist and sex-offender industry superstar Charles Rodrick of Arizona, owner of websites that work in combination with the Nebraska State Patrol’s site to blackmail registered citizens.The websites owned by Rodrick include Online Detective, Offendex, SORarchives and SexOffenderRecord. According to court records, the Offendex website received revenues in excess of $30,000 […]

UNO Researchers Document Harm Done by Nebraska Sex-Offender Law

Registered citizens or family members who participated in this study are encouraged to stay in touch with the researchers at their email addresses: Lisa Sample ( Danielle Bailey ( ___Ground-breaking research into why most former sex offenders do not reoffend concludes that Nebraska’s policy of putting every registered citizen on a public website harms families […]

You Might Feel Like Scum, But at Least You’re Not as Bad as King David

Just finished reading a moving piece of writing by a friend of mine. She is married to a former sex offender, and she wrote about the network of support that surrounds her family. She is fortunate (and enterprising) enough to have lots of people in her life who know about forgiveness and practice compassion.Of this […]

Residency Restrictions Lose Again

The Lompoc, California, City Council has approved a settlement with a registered citizen who filed suit against the city in April challenging loitering and residency restrictions. Full story.