What If Corrections Dollars Were Spent Instead on Education?

Since 1986, Nebraska spending on its mess of a corrections system has increased 169 percent. All we’ve got as a result is a rogue system that feels free to disregard State Supreme Court rulings. Michael Mitchell, Policy Analyst with the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities’ State Fiscal Policy Division, has penned a cogent pieceContinue reading “What If Corrections Dollars Were Spent Instead on Education?”

You Don’t Have to Live Like a Refugee

University of Nebraska-Omaha research¬†shows that Nebraska’s 2009 sex-offender law (LB 285) does not protect the public, makes communities more dangerous and has created a class of “social refugees” — registered citizens. Here’s to you, Social Refugees. You don’t have to live like one. Join us.

Nebraska Sex Offender Website Guideline #7

If you find that you have a neighbor listed on the Nebraska Sex Offender Registry website, and your neighbor lives with her or his family, or holds a job or otherwise leads a productive life, that person probably is no more dangerous than you yourself are. Under no circumstances should you buy into typical popularContinue reading “Nebraska Sex Offender Website Guideline #7”