The uncivil war on sexuality

A blog post tackles fallout from the #MeToo movement.The sex offender registry and draconian laws aimed at offenders has destroyed lives of individuals and families. Today a new form of offender registration has transpired. This new offender registry creates life sentences using the internet as its delivery method carefully skirting libel and slander policies under […]

Time Magazine has a look inside sex offender therapy

Time Magazine has a long article looking inside a sex offender therapy group.They sit in the circle, the man who exposed himself to at least 100 women, next to the man who molested his stepdaughter, across from the man who sexually assaulted his neighbor… Some of the men’s crimes aren’t all that different from the allegations […]

Losing Track: Series explores problems with Wisconsin GPS monitoring

A series of articles from the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism explores problems with Wisconsin’s GPS monitoring program. GPS monitoring is increasingly popular across the country, despite questions about the technology.According to the Pew Charitable Trusts, 88,000 offenders were strapped with GPS bracelets in 2015 — 30 times more than the 2,900 offenders who were tracked […]

Finding housing in child exclusion zones…there’s an app for that

Do you, or someone you know, need help finding housing compliant with residency restrictions? There is now an app that may help with that, as reported by the Sex Law and Policy Center.A relatively recent Google Play app, CSZfree, seeks to aid registrants in need of housing but bound by residency restrictions. These laws limiting where […]

Colorado officials question costs of polygraph tests for sex offenders

Christopher Osher reports in the Denver Post how state officials in Colorado — including legislators, judges, and psychologists — are questioning that state’s aggressive use of polygraph tests on registered sex offenders.The report notes that Colorado has spent $5 million in the past seven years on such tests, despite questions about the accuracy and integrity […]

Court finds compelled, incriminating, polygraphs unconstitutional

A federal appeals court in Colorado ruled earlier this year that sex offenders cannot be required to answer incriminating questions on polygraph tests s a condition of supervised release. The decision came in the case of Brian Von Behren, who was required by his sex offender treatment provider to undergo a sexual history polygraph.The polygraph […]

Can’t afford treatment? Go back to prison

A registered sex offender in Minnesota is going back to jail after his probation was revoked. Why? According to an article in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Jonathan Earl Brown was sent back to prison because he couldn’t afford to pay for his court-mandated sex offender treatment program.In Minnesota, sex offenders are often ordered by local judges […]

No Evidence SO ‘Test’ Works for Anything Except Making Money for Its Developer

There is no evidence that a widely used “sex offender” test delivers reliable results. Yet it continues to be used, and the guy who developed it continues to make money from it. Read more.

Digital Darkness and Silence for Sex Offenders in the Information Age

A guest post: Read the entire article for great information about the sex-offender industry and the companies that profit from the Andrew Extein | from Truthout”Is my Furby a computer?”With five months in jail and eight months of parole behind him, and four years of probation to go, Trevor finds himself contemplating the artificial […]

BBB Issues Scam Alert on Those Predator-Warning Emails

You know those emails you get warning you about a predator in your neighborhood?(The vast majority of them automatically dump into my spam trash where they die unnoticed, and I just delete any that sneak through the filter.)The Better Business Bureau has a warning for the fools who open these emails: They’re a scam in […]