Sex offender residency restrictions waste money, create havoc

In an essay at the Criminal Legal News website, NARSOL communication director Sandy Rozek provides a compelling argument why sex offender residency and presence restrictions are bad public policy and should be abolished. These arguments are well-known, but it’s good to be reminded of them occasionally. Compelling logical, factual reasons to totally abolish distance restrictionsContinue reading “Sex offender residency restrictions waste money, create havoc”

The sex offender registry: It’s not what you think

The Criminal Legal News website features a column by NARSOL communications director Sandy Rozek, in which she explains how mainstream media headlines can lead to a distorted view of those required to register as sex offenders. “Texas sex offender added to 10 most wanted sex offenders list.” “Virginia man arrested for sex crimes after thirdContinue reading “The sex offender registry: It’s not what you think”

Op-ed: Sex Offender Registries Discourage Rehabilitation

Writing in the Washington Exainer, Sandy Rozek says the decision by a Connecticut YMCA to prohibit a registered sex offender from running in a race is another black eye for the very concept of the sex offender registry. The man had run the race for several years without incident, but was flagged this year because heContinue reading “Op-ed: Sex Offender Registries Discourage Rehabilitation”