Debunking Halloween Sex Offender Hysteria

In the latest Solitary Nation podcast, host Matt Duhamel talks with RSOL Executive Director Brenda Jones about some of the ridiculous restrictions on the activities of registered sex offenders on Halloween and other holidays. Studies on registered sex offenders have shown no significant increase in risk for non-familial child sexual abuse on or just priorContinue reading “Debunking Halloween Sex Offender Hysteria”

ACTION ALERT! House Vote Scheduled on International Megan’s Law!

A vote is scheduled in the U.S. House of Representatives Tuesday on International Megan’s Law. This has already passed the Senate. More information from National RSOL. ACTION ALERT!Contact YOUR national HOUSE representatives TODAY via email, and then CALL their office again on Monday. Here is a link to locate YOUR representative:¬† Be sure to identifyContinue reading “ACTION ALERT! House Vote Scheduled on International Megan’s Law!”

Utah Legislature Considers Changes to Sex Offender Registry

A Utah state legislator has proposed a bill that would allow some registered citizens to have their names removed from the sex offender registry sooner than under current law. Rep. Jack Draxler’s bill would allow those convicted of certain misdemeanors to ask to be removed from the registry after five years. Read about it here.Continue reading “Utah Legislature Considers Changes to Sex Offender Registry”