Op-ed: Sex Offender Registries Discourage Rehabilitation

Writing in the Washington Exainer, Sandy Rozek says┬áthe decision by a Connecticut YMCA to prohibit a registered sex offender from running in a race is another black eye for the very concept of the sex offender registry. The man had run the race for several years without incident, but was flagged this year because heContinue reading “Op-ed: Sex Offender Registries Discourage Rehabilitation”

Watch Catherine Carpenter’s presentation from 2016 RSOL Conference

One of the speakers at the 2016 RSOL National Conference was Southwestern Law School Professor Catherine Carpenter. She spoke about children who are forced to register as sex offenders, and tied that into adult sex offender registration. Watch the hour-long presentation here.

Public sex offender registries a waste of tax dollars

In an op-ed for the Washington Examiner, National RSOL Communications Director Sandy Rozek explains why public sex offender registries are not effective…financially or as a public safety tool. Proponents of the public sex offender registry say it’s needed to help parents protect their children from sexual predators, but there is no evidence it does that…AcademicContinue reading “Public sex offender registries a waste of tax dollars”