SORA: The human cost of junk science

This is from New York, but could apply to nearly any state in the nation. How reliable are risk assessments? Of the nearly 40,000 persons on New York’s sex offender registry, 9,679 are displayed on its public website as Level 3, a warning that he or she presents the maximum risk of committing a sexContinue reading “SORA: The human cost of junk science”

How "risk assessment" tools condemn people to indefinite detention

If you’re a registered sex offender, then you’ve likely undergone some form of risk assessment, purportedly to determine how likely it is that you will commit another sex offense.. Writing for Truthout, Erica Meiners questions whether risk assessment tools are an effective way to predict future criminal activity, or whether they’re merely a tool toContinue reading “How "risk assessment" tools condemn people to indefinite detention”