NARSOL: Sex offender registry facts and statistics

From NARSOL, here is a handy compilation of facts and statistics about sex offender registries complete with supporting links. Check it out at the NARSOL website. The palm card is a collection of the most salient facts regarding sexual offending, quickly available for reference or for distribution. Since space is at a premium, citation referencesContinue reading “NARSOL: Sex offender registry facts and statistics”

Porn and sex addiction: signs you may have a problem

Another report from Julie Cornell of KETV, Omaha, examines online pornography and sex addiction. Omaha, NE —His private world was exposed in the fall of 2017, when an Omaha man’s wife discovered his infidelity stemming from a life-long struggle with pornography and sex addiction. “Ryan” is middle aged, highly educated, and has children. When hisContinue reading “Porn and sex addiction: signs you may have a problem”

Center established to track sex offender litigation and policy

Prof. Eric Janus, one of the pre-eminent national experts on sexual violence law is heading up the Sex Offense Litigation and Policy Resource Center at the Mitchell Hamline School of Law. The center has a goal of “tracking litigation and encouraging effective public policy related to sexual offenders.” “Our aim is to create a nationalContinue reading “Center established to track sex offender litigation and policy”