Texas towns committed to useless ordinances

Eric Dexheimer, writing in the Austin American-Statesman, explains how small towns in the Lone Star State continue to bow to public hysteria and implement sex offender residency restrictions.  Dexheimer cites a Nebraska study to explain why these ordinances are passed, despite evidence they don’t work and court rulings striking down restrictions in some places. YetContinue reading “Texas towns committed to useless ordinances”

Milwaukee Council rescinds most residency restrictions

Under pressure of a lawsuit, the Milwaukee Common Council has voted to rescind most of the city’s sex offender residency restrictions. The city’s current ordinance bans many sex offenders from living within 2,000 feet of places like schools, parks and day care centers.  The measure, which was approved overwhelmingly, repeals such residency “buffers,” meaning thatContinue reading “Milwaukee Council rescinds most residency restrictions”

Retiring judge comments on residency restrictions

Recently retired Massachusetts Supreme Court Justice Geraldine Hines commented on residency restrictions for registered sex offenders during a recent interview. Justice Hines was on the court when it struck down Massachusetts’ local residency restrictions. And not being immodest here, but one that I contributed to writing — the decision about where registered sex offenders canContinue reading “Retiring judge comments on residency restrictions”