Complex residency restrictions difficult to enforce; essentially useless

Here’s an article from Columbia, Missouri, that begins by explaining how difficult it is for law enforcement to enforce Missouri’s complex sex offender residency restrictions and ends up, perhaps inadvertently, proving the uselessness of residency restrictions. Certainly, many of the experts quoted in the article don’t seem to think much of the restrictions. Although MissouriContinue reading “Complex residency restrictions difficult to enforce; essentially useless”

Some good news from the state of Florida

From the Florida Action Committee comes word that a judge has declared Fr. Lauderdale’s draconian and oppressive sex offender residency restriction ordinance unconstitutional. The Ft Lauderdale Sex Offender Residency Restriction was declared unconstitutional. Wait… what?!?! A Florida SORR was declared unconstitutional?  YES! The municipal ordinance in the City of Ft. Lauderdale that prohibited registered sexContinue reading “Some good news from the state of Florida”

Sex offenders sue Minnesota city over restrictions

Cities that pass Draconian sex offender ordinances that amount to banishment should expect to be challenged, as is the case with the city of Dayton, Minnesota, which is being sued by three registered sex offenders who say the city’s ordinance is unconstitutional. The men are challenging a far-reaching 2016 ordinance that bars convicted sex offenders from livingContinue reading “Sex offenders sue Minnesota city over restrictions”