Family says city’s sex offender law goes way too far

From Courthouse News Service, another heartbreaking example of how residency restrictions harm families.MILWAUKEE (CN) — Prosecuted as an adult when he was 17 for having sex with another teenager, a married man with three children has been sleeping in his truck since a Milwaukee suburb forced him out of his house because he’s a sex […]

Milwaukee considering revising residency restriction

Residency restriction laws are under fire across the country, including in Wisconsin. The Milwaukee City Council is considering a proposal to ease its current 2,000 foot residency restriction, to 500 feet.The move is in response to a lawsuit filed against the city by six registered sex offenders.The city’s current ordinance bans many sex offenders from […]

Seeking to challenge Omaha residency restriction ordinance

Nebraskans Unafraid needs your help as we seek to challenge Omaha’s sex offender residency restriction ordinance. If we do not challenge Omaha residency restrictions, a disabled Vietnam veteran will be removed from his rent-supported home. He is far from alone. Many other registrants are told where they may and may not live because of residency […]

Wisconsin cities sued over residency restrictions

Several cities in southeast Wisconsin face lawsuits over harsh residency restrictions that make it difficult, if not impossible, for registered sex offenders to find a place to live.The plaintiffs’ attorneys, Adele Nicholas and Mark Weinberg, have already won one lawsuit against restrictions in one town, and hope to force others to change or repeal their […]

Alabama bill would change definition of "residence"

Someone should buy Alabama lawmakers a dictionary.A bill making its way through the Alabama Senate would change the definition of what it means to “reside” in a place, in a way that would be detrimental to the state’s registered citizens.The definition of “reside” is being changed by this bill, and not for the better. Most […]

Judge rules Wisconsin residency restriction ordinance unconstitutional

A federal judge relied on facts in striking down an ordinance that made most of the town of Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, off-limits to registered sex offenders.The ruling by U.S. District Judge J.P. Stadtmueller is reported in the Kenosha News.In granting summary judgment to the nine plaintiffs, Stadtmueller found the village imposed restrictions on where the […]

The real reason for residency restrictions

A Florida television station inadvertently uncovers the real reason for our nation’s harsh sex offender registry laws.  In March, WFTS-TV in Tampa reported on a dust-up between the Tampa Police Department and residents in one neighborhood who complain that the TPD isn’t enforcing a county ordinance prohibiting registered sex offenders from clustering in one area.Police […]

ND lawmakers know better, still approve residency restriction

North Dakota lawmaker have approved a statewide residency restrictions for registered sex offenders considered to be at high risk to re-offend. If approved, the law would prohibit 583 people from living within 500 feet of a school.The West Fargo Pioneer reports that the director of North Dakota’s sex offender program spoke against the bill, as […]

Court blasts NY officials for holding SO’s past release date

A New York court is taking state prison officials to task for policies that allow sex offenders to remain locked up long past their release dates.The case in question involved a man, in prison for second-degree rape, who remained locked up four months after he was to have been released — due to residency restrictions.Under […]

Report highlights uselessness of residency restrictions

A report from a Fox television station in Wisconsin highlights the uselessness of sex offender residency restrictions.Reporter Brad Hicks explains how Wisconsin laws require registrants to live near places they’re supposed to stay away from, and he highlights the low recidivism rates for sex offenders.[A]n exhaustive study by the state here in Wisconsin reveals recidivism […]