Report highlights uselessness of residency restrictions

A report from a Fox television station in Wisconsin highlights the uselessness of sex offender residency restrictions. Reporter Brad Hicks explains how Wisconsin laws require registrants to live near places they’re supposed to stay away from, and he highlights the low recidivism rates for sex offenders. [A]n exhaustive study by the state here in WisconsinContinue reading “Report highlights uselessness of residency restrictions”

Newspaper takes a closer look at sex offender registry

A recent article we linked to examining the effectiveness of sex offender registries is actually part of a series of stories published in the Sentinel of Carlisle, Pennsylvania, that looks at the registry from a variety of perspectives. The series includes an overview of Pennsylvania’s sexoffender registry. Also included is an in-depth article explaining thatContinue reading “Newspaper takes a closer look at sex offender registry”

former inmates Kerik and Nacchio talk about prison

Former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik, and former Qwest Communications CEO Joseph Nacchio may have done prison time for white collar crimes, not sex offenses, but they make important points about prison reform in this CNBC interview. Both men talk about their time in prison–their worst day, time in solitary, what they feared–and they push toContinue reading “former inmates Kerik and Nacchio talk about prison”