Omnibus prison reform bill advances

The Legislature’s Judiciary Committee has advanced a bill that seeks to address overcrowding of the state’s prisons.  Under LB 841 advanced on Tuesday, corrections and the State Board of Parole would be required to devise a plan, by Dec. 1, on how to deal with, or avoid, such an emergency…  The bill advanced on TuesdayContinue reading “Omnibus prison reform bill advances”

Bills aim to lower Nebraska prison overcrowding

Reporter JoAnne Young writes about several bills Nebraska senators have introduced this session aimed at reducing overcrowding in the state’s prisons, which are at approximately 160-percent of capacity. Several of the bills had hearings Thursday afternoon in front of the Legislature’s Judiciary Committee, including one (LB852) that would provide for medical release and rehabilitative optionsContinue reading “Bills aim to lower Nebraska prison overcrowding”

Nebraska ACLU prison overcrowding lawsuit survives legal challenge

U.S. District Judge Robert Rossiter has ruled that the ACLU’s lawsuit against the state of Nebraska over conditions in the state’s prisons can proceed, though the judge dismissed portions of the lawsuit. “This is a complete victory for us. All of our claims survive, all of our claims go forward,” said David Fathi, who directsContinue reading “Nebraska ACLU prison overcrowding lawsuit survives legal challenge”