Registered citizens targeted by vigilantes

Writing for Prison Legal News, Matthew Clarke reports on one of the under-reported dark sides of sex offender registration and notification laws — that vigilantes use information posted on registries to attack, and even murder, registrants and their families. Clarke highlights a few notable cases. In July 2015, Nebraska registered sex offender Phillip McDaniel lostContinue reading “Registered citizens targeted by vigilantes”

Public misperceptions about sex offenders skew public policy

From the Prison Legal News, word of a perhaps unsurprising study that finds that public misperceptions about sex offenders has influenced legislators to pass punitive sex offender laws. A 2015 study authored by Christina Mancini, an Assistant Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, and Kristen Budd of MiamiUniversity (Ohio) found that numerous misperceptions about sex crimes–suchContinue reading “Public misperceptions about sex offenders skew public policy”