Ex-teachers offer input in preventing teacher-student relations

In Missouri, some former teachers who were convicted of having sexual contact with students are offering guidance to schools trying to prevent such relationships from occurring. To better safeguard schools from sexual predators, the Center for Education Safety turned to an unlikely source: Former Missouri teachers convicted of crossing the line with students. Six former school employees, most […]

How to prevent child sexual abuse: know myths and realities

Salon has an excerpt from the book “Protecting Your Child from Sexual Abuse” by Cynthia Calkins and Elizabeth Jeglc. The information is useful to know and share with as many people as possible.How would you describe a sex offender? In all likelihood, you would describe a monster — someone who lurks behind bushes and rapes unsuspecting […]

The effects of putting kids on the sex offender registry

Elizabeth Letourneau, PhD, the Director of the Moore Center for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse spoke about research into the effects of youth sex offender registration during the 2017 Moore Center Symposium.Watch Dr. Letourneau’s presentation here.

Lecturers critique child sexual abuse prevention policies

Experts who met to discuss prevention of child sexual abuse at the Bloomberg School of Public Health’s fifth annual Child Sexual Abuse Symposium cast a critical eye on policies aimed at preventing such abuse. The Moore Center for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse hosted the symposium on April 27,Among the lecturers was Jill Levenson, […]