A flurry of bills followed Larry Nassar’s conviction. Here’s why that’s a problem.

Several new laws have been proposed in Michigan following the conviction of former Michigan State University sports doctor Larry Nassar. The bills have broad bipartisan support, but Natasha Lennard writes that the proposed legislation is typical of the knee-jerk sex offender legislation that typically has followed high-profile cases in recent years.The 1994 Jacob Wetterling Act, […]

Why I oppose sex offender laws

It’s a perspective that is not often considered and frequently overlooked. Read why a victim of sexual abuse eloquently explains opposes the harsh sex offender laws in place in the United States.To many people, policies aimed at sex offenders make sense. They just do. Because everyone knows that sex offenders will invariably rack up more victims, […]

A new scarlet letter for harassment charges

In a tongue-in-cheek column in the Gainesville (Fla.) Times, Ron Martz writes that we need a registry for men accused of “sexual misconduct,” similar to sex offender registries.It doesn’t matter if it’s Matt Lauer, Al Franken, Roy Moore, Bill Clinton, Georgia H.W. Bush, Charlie Rose or John Conyers doing the touchy-feely thing or some other […]

Overextending the definition of sexual assault is also harmful

Ruth Ann Dailey writes in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about the recent spate of sexual misconduct allegations.We are going to need some new words. As allegations of sexual misconduct continue to flood our mass media, the term “sexual misconduct” won’t suffice. Neither will “sexual assault” or “harassment.” “Misconduct” is a handy catchall when we are not sure which […]

When does a Watershed become a Sex Panic?

Masha Gessen writes a column for the New Yorker about the policing of sex in America, in light of recent allegations of “sexual misconduct” levied against several famous men.Over the last three decades, as American society has apparently accepted more open expression of different kinds of sexuality, it has also invented new ways and reasons […]

Great read: The ballad of Fred and Yoko

From the Arkansas Times, a wonderful account of the life of a homeless registered sex offender and Beatles aficionado. Check out the remarkable story of Fred Arnold, who died last December after he was struck by a van.”The fact that he was on the sex offender list does not minimize his worth as a person.”

Are we all Sex Offenders?

That is the question Galen Baughman asks in this TEDx lecture, given to a college audience in New York last November.Baughman spent nine years in a Virginia prison, for having consensual sex with his 14-year-old boyfriend when he was 19 years old. He won his freedom in a historic civil commitment trial.Watch the talk here…and […]

Digital Darkness and Silence for Sex Offenders in the Information Age

A guest post: Read the entire article for great information about the sex-offender industry and the companies that profit from the law.by Andrew Extein | from Truthout”Is my Furby a computer?”With five months in jail and eight months of parole behind him, and four years of probation to go, Trevor finds himself contemplating the artificial […]

Novelist Ayn Rand Knew About the Offender Industry Decades Ago

I know some are skeptical when I write of the “sex-offender industry.” It’s your prerogative to think what you want to think. That doesn’t change facts.Fact is, the industry has been in place for quite some time. Author Ayn Rand knew about it way back in the 1950s. Consider these chillingly true-to-life words that she […]

Why Is ‘Les Miserables’ So Popular in the Nation With the Most Brutal Criminal Justice System in the World?

Frederic March as JeanValjean in 1935’s Les MiserablesVictor Hugo’s Les Miserables was published in 1862. The French historical novel about a system of law designed to break men, not protect society, has been hugely popular ever since.A 1935 movie version was the first of many adaptations for both television and the big screen, and even […]