Conference call to address scams targeting registered citizens

NARSOL will be hosting a conference call July 19 that may be of interest, to address the reports of telephone scams targeting registered citizens in Nebraska and across the nation. From By Sandy . . . The use of the registry by vigilantes to target registered citizens is one of the more harmful andContinue reading “Conference call to address scams targeting registered citizens”

Another scam reported targeting registered sex offenders

SOSEN reports on another scam that is targeting registered sex offenders. The following is from one of our member families.  We had a scare yesterday. Someone called saying they were from (our) County Sheriff’s Department and that my loved one had moved without reporting it within three days. They wanted $2,000 dollars to cover hisContinue reading “Another scam reported targeting registered sex offenders”

Scam targets registered citizens

A reminder to registrants about a scam that has impacted registered sex offenders in many states, including Nebraska. The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office warned in January that several people may have fallen victim to the scam, which involves a person calling a registrant, claiming to be from the Sheriff’s Office, and telling the registrant thatContinue reading “Scam targets registered citizens”