Pennsylvania Court Strikes Down Retroactive Registration

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has ruled that sex offender registration requirements cannot be increased for people who enter plea bargains before subsequent changes to the law take effect. As reported at, Justice Max Baer wrote the ruling in the case that involved three men who were convicted before changes were made to Pennsylvania’s lawContinue reading “Pennsylvania Court Strikes Down Retroactive Registration”

Pennsylvania Court Ruling will Reduce Number of Lifetime Sex Offenders

A decision by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court means that people who commit certain sex crimes cannot be placed on the sex offender registry for life unless they commit a subsequent offense. The decision was reported at The majority decision means sex offenders convicted of “Tier 1” crimes including kidnapping of minors, child luring, institutionalContinue reading “Pennsylvania Court Ruling will Reduce Number of Lifetime Sex Offenders”

Pennsylvania Supreme Court to hear SORNA challenge

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court will hear a challenge to that state’s sex offender registration laws. The plaintiffs say the expanded law should not be applied retroactively. Last week, the state’s justices agreed to hear appeals by three men convicted of child molestation — from Clearfield, Lancaster and Cumberland counties — who say they shouldn’t beContinue reading “Pennsylvania Supreme Court to hear SORNA challenge”