Sex Offender Registry: vengeful, unconstitutional, and due for full repeal

Jesse Kelly, a policy analyst with the R Street Institute, has written a strongly-worded column explaining why the sex offender registry should be abolished. The Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that at least 95 percent of all state prisoners will be released from prison at some point. However, convicted sex-offenders almost exclusively face the vengeful, additional punishmentContinue reading “Sex Offender Registry: vengeful, unconstitutional, and due for full repeal”

Why I oppose sex offender laws

It’s a perspective that is not often considered and frequently overlooked. Read why a victim of sexual abuse eloquently explains opposes the harsh sex offender laws in place in the United States. To many people, policies aimed at sex offenders make sense. They just do. Because everyone knows that sex offenders will invariably rack up moreContinue reading “Why I oppose sex offender laws”

Committee hearing on "Yes means Yes" bill Friday

The Judiciary Committee will hear testimony Friday on LB988, which would have Nebraska adopt affirmative consent (“yes means yes”) as the standard in cases of sexual assault. Is this a wise course of action? The Omaha World-Herald reports that the Nebraska Legislature is looking at policies and procedures for sexual assault reports from within the legislature andContinue reading “Committee hearing on "Yes means Yes" bill Friday”