A silenced minority

Another good blog post. Registrants should not be afraid to stand up and speak up for themselves. One person can make a difference. Educators usually say the most essential pillars of successful outcomes are a caring community of learners, enhancement of the learning objective, and reciprocal relationships and transparency to facilitate both sides of anContinue reading “A silenced minority”

The uncivil war on sexuality

A blog post tackles fallout from the #MeToo movement. The sex offender registry and draconian laws aimed at offenders has destroyed lives of individuals and families. Today a new form of offender registration has transpired. This new offender registry creates life sentences using the internet as its delivery method carefully skirting libel and slander policiesContinue reading “The uncivil war on sexuality”

The Recidivism Trap

In a commentary for The Marshall Project, Jeffrey A. Butts and Vincent Schiraldi make a compelling argument why recidivism rates are the wrong measurements by which to judge the success or failure of the criminal justice system. Rather than asking “what’s the recidivism rate?” we should ask an entirely different set of questions about justiceContinue reading “The Recidivism Trap”