Deceptive headlines stoke sex offender hysteria

Using a much-hyped news story as a springboard, NARSOL has a reminder of the importance of reading beyond the headlines. By Michael M. . . . The following headline appeared on Tuesday, June 5, 2018 at Fox News: “Virginia sex offender seen snatching 7-month-old from mother in photos released by police.”  It all seems prettyContinue reading “Deceptive headlines stoke sex offender hysteria”

The sex offender registry: It’s not what you think

The Criminal Legal News website features a column by NARSOL communications director Sandy Rozek, in which she explains how mainstream media headlines can lead to a distorted view of those required to register as sex offenders. “Texas sex offender added to 10 most wanted sex offenders list.” “Virginia man arrested for sex crimes after thirdContinue reading “The sex offender registry: It’s not what you think”

Why reporters should stop using "predator"

Steven Yoder explains on his blog, Life on the List, why reporters should stop using the word “predator” when referring to people who have committed sex offenses. In May, the AP Stylebook changed its guidelines for how reporters should refer to people with substance abuse problems. “Avoid words like alcoholic, addict, user and   abuser unless they are in quotations orContinue reading “Why reporters should stop using "predator"”