SORA: The human cost of junk science

This is from New York, but could apply to nearly any state in the nation. How reliable are risk assessments? Of the nearly 40,000 persons on New York’s sex offender registry, 9,679 are displayed on its public website as Level 3, a warning that he or she presents the maximum risk of committing a sexContinue reading “SORA: The human cost of junk science”

Hebephilia flunks Frye test

Dr. Karen Franklin writes about a New York judge’s rejection of the state’s diagnosis of hebephilia in the case of a 72-year-old registered sex offender. In a strongly worded rejection of hebephilia, a New York judge has ruledthat the controversial diagnosis cannot be used in legal proceedings because of “overwhelming opposition” to its validity among theContinue reading “Hebephilia flunks Frye test”