Nebraskans Unafraid’s Six Steps to a Safer Nebraska

Every Nebraska child, as well as every Nebraskan, has a right to be safe and secure within her or his own home. Nebraskans Unafraid believes that this right extends to Registered Citizens, their partners and their children. Current Nebraska law deprives families of Registered Citizens of their safety and security. To cure this, Nebraska lawContinue reading “Nebraskans Unafraid’s Six Steps to a Safer Nebraska”

Talking to your Reps

Here is a step-by-step guide to contacting and talking to elected representatives. This video pauses for 10 seconds on each slide. If you need more time, pause the video. You also will find this video on the Nebraskans Unafraid Make a Difference Page. Our thanks to RSOL National for this presentation.

Stop Supporting Systems That Oppress and Degrade You

A tiny ant can move a mountain one particle at a time. Registered Citizens and their loved ones are far from powerless. We need to THINK about how we are supporting the systems that oppress and degrade us. There are small things each of us can do (and encourage our family and friends to do)Continue reading “Stop Supporting Systems That Oppress and Degrade You”