Porn and sex addiction: signs you may have a problem

Another report from Julie Cornell of KETV, Omaha, examines online pornography and sex addiction. Omaha, NE —His private world was exposed in the fall of 2017, when an Omaha man’s wife discovered his infidelity stemming from a life-long struggle with pornography and sex addiction. “Ryan” is middle aged, highly educated, and has children. When hisContinue reading “Porn and sex addiction: signs you may have a problem”

Attorneys oppose "yes means yes" bill

Several people testified in favor an against a bill (LB988) that would have Nebraska adopt affirmative consent as the standard for sexual assault during a Judiciary Committee hearing Friday in Lincoln. Interestingly, the bill seems to have brought prosecutors and defense attorneys together in opposition to the proposal, at least as written. “It’s difficult for usContinue reading “Attorneys oppose "yes means yes" bill”

Nebraska ACLU prison overcrowding lawsuit survives legal challenge

U.S. District Judge Robert Rossiter has ruled that the ACLU’s lawsuit against the state of Nebraska over conditions in the state’s prisons can proceed, though the judge dismissed portions of the lawsuit. “This is a complete victory for us. All of our claims survive, all of our claims go forward,” said David Fathi, who directsContinue reading “Nebraska ACLU prison overcrowding lawsuit survives legal challenge”