News From WAR (Women Against the Registry)

News Release from Women Against the Registry (WAR) Florida Action Committee                                         WAR Press Contact:                                                             Press Contact:Gail Colletta                                                               Kimberly                    For Immediate Release Florida Is At It Again-Putting Children At Risk A large, national coalition of C.U.R.E, CURE-SORT,Continue reading “News From WAR (Women Against the Registry)”

Guest Post: Deserving a Chance for a Pardon

by Marie at Notes from the Handbasket A 25-year-old registered sex offender has been granted a hearing before the Nebraska Board of Pardons. This is excellent news for this young man because if he is pardoned, he will regain his civil rights and he will no longer be on the sex offender registry. According to the Omaha World-HeraldContinue reading “Guest Post: Deserving a Chance for a Pardon”

From Women Against the Registry

A news release from Women Against the Registry: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 3/17/14Contact: Vicki Henry, President Women Against Registry 202.630.0345 contact@womenagainstregistry.comWomen Against Registry is “Pushing Back” In a recent article published by the Lacrosse Tribune on February 02, 2014, “Rethinking sex offenders: Wisconsin freeing more sex offenders; old recidivism data exaggerated risk” referring to a stateContinue reading “From Women Against the Registry”