Thoughts on Politicians’ Perversion of the Law

Wild-eyed blathering manic panic, driven by politicians who champion sex-offender punishments that are just plain stupid, has reached a point where it even wrecks the lives of the demonstrably falsely accused. A case in point: A football coach arrested on suspicion of a child porn offense, but the charges are dropped when it is foundContinue reading “Thoughts on Politicians’ Perversion of the Law”

Reason and Justice Re-emerging in Decisions on Former Sex Offenders?

by Gus The issue of punishing sex offenders more is always a popular one. The U.S. Supreme Court opened the door in Smith v. Doe (538 U.S. 84, 2003) for states to make sex offender registries as onerous as they’d like without worry about constitutionality, saying that registries were civil and regulatory, not punishment. WithContinue reading “Reason and Justice Re-emerging in Decisions on Former Sex Offenders?”

Omaha World-Herald Story Misses the Point (or Several Points)

by Gus ┬áParents, teachers hear from child molesters themselves about how they target kids The link above is the title of an article written by Lauren Sedam with the Omaha World-Herald. The subject matter covered goes to the heart of one of the biggest arguments against the registry and public disclosure of registrant’s information: mostContinue reading “Omaha World-Herald Story Misses the Point (or Several Points)”