Associated Press Shines a Light on Law-Enforcement Sex Crimes

Next time your local law enforcement agency touts something like a Halloween sex-offender patrol, you better hide your kids from those cops.A year-long Associated Press investigation finds that you are at risk of sexual assault from law enforcement itself.A key excerpt:In a yearlong investigation of sexual misconduct by U.S. law enforcement, The Associated Press uncovered […]

How Much of That State Patrol Overtime is Registry Make-Work?

The Nebraska State Patrol has found it necessary to rein in overtime due to scrutiny from the news media.While the governor’s travel appears to be getting most of the attention, we have to ask again: How much of the overtime is due to useless make-work that was created when Nebraska in 2010 decided to throw […]

Want to Protect Children? Then Abolish Residency Restrictions

The recent Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruling striking down residency restrictions should be required reading for anyone who claims to want to protect children.The high court accepted evidence that shows that residency restrictions DO NOT protect children and that children in fact ARE NOT AT RISK from Registered Citizens. Click here for a good summary […]

Special Guest at FEARLESS on September 21

Special guest at FEARLESS on Monday, September 21, will be criminal defense attorney Marc D. Lund, who specializes in sex-offender cases and is in the process of moving his practice from St. Louis to Omaha. Learn more about Marc by viewing the video below.FEARLESS will meet at 7 p.m. in Saint Michael Lutheran Church, 13232 […]

New York Times and a Retired Judge Condemn Sex-Offender Laws

The New York Times says it is time to get rid of laws that attempt to limit where Registered Citizens live. The Times rationale is that the laws are pointless.Here is an excerpt from the Times’ just-published editorial on the topic:It is understandable to want to do everything possible to protect children from being abused. […]

Share This With People Who Are Frightened by Former Sex Offenders

The 5.3 percent number comes from a U.S. Department of Justice study. Individual state studies have found lower reoffense rates. In Nebraska, for instance, the University of Nebraska-Omaha found a year-to-year reoffense rate of less than 1 percent.

Encroaching Upon the Power of the Judiciary

Retroactive application of sex-offender registry laws represents a problematic encroachment upon the judiciary, according to an article in the 2012 Columbia Journal of Law and Social Problems. Read it here.

Be FEARLESS on Monday

We call it FEARLESS because evils like the SO registry and public-shaming websites thrive on fear. You can defeat fear. Join us for FEARLESS on Monday, July 20, at 7 p.m. in Saint Michael Lutheran Church, 13232 Blondo Street, Omaha.FEARLESS is a collaboration of Nebraskans Unafraid and the University of Nebraska-Omaha that counteracts dangerous Nebraska law. Research has […]