Meet Our Writers: Introducing ‘Eddie Sidgeweck’

FACTS / NU wants to do a better job of engaging the readers of this blog and our other materials. To that end, we have assembled a number of registrants or registrants’ family members who will contribute under pen names. Here’s the second of our writers: _ _ _ From “Eddie Sidgeweck”: Like Gus, EddieContinue reading “Meet Our Writers: Introducing ‘Eddie Sidgeweck’”

Overreaction is the New Norm

Or, How Nobody has any Common Sense AnymoreFirst of Three from “Gus”: It’s a sad fact that nobody who works with children can take a joke these days. In the realm of educators and the administration of schooling, grown-ups need to have a love for that line of work and a  ton of understanding. Why? BecauseContinue reading “Overreaction is the New Norm”

The True Internet Predators Are in the Mug-Shot Extortion Industry

Fortunately, the private sector is proactive where the law fails A note from Gus: Being on the sex offender registry isn’t fun. It affects where you can live, ability to get a job, raising a family, and moving past the worst thing you ever did. If being a sex offender isn’t bad enough, most statesContinue reading “The True Internet Predators Are in the Mug-Shot Extortion Industry”