Long-Overdue Lawsuit

A long-overdue lawsuit in Missouri exposes the state’s civil commitment program as a $25 million sham that is in essence a prison disguised as a mental health facility. The lawsuit is another development that signals the ending of the era of Nebraska-like programs that unconstitutionally punish former offenders while masquerading as public-safety initiatives. Here isContinue reading “Long-Overdue Lawsuit”

Judge Backs Registry of the Registerers; Idea Might Go National

The state has shown us that it really is easy to put just about anyone’s picture out there on the internet. So it is heartwarming to learn that a judge has ruled in favor of a former sex offender who posts photos of court employees. It gets a point across. A District of Columbia SuperiorContinue reading “Judge Backs Registry of the Registerers; Idea Might Go National”

A Small Step in the Right Direction

A limited step in the right direction in the Nebraska Legislature: State Sen. Bill Avery of Lincoln has introduced LB 932, a measure that would eliminate the “have you ever been convicted” question on job applications for public-employer jobs. That means jobs with cities, counties or the state. Avery says that limiting it to publicContinue reading “A Small Step in the Right Direction”