The True Internet Predators Are in the Mug-Shot Extortion Industry

Fortunately, the private sector is proactive where the law fails A note from Gus: Being on the sex offender registry isn’t fun. It affects where you can live, ability to get a job, raising a family, and moving past the worst thing you ever did. If being a sex offender isn’t bad enough, most statesContinue reading “The True Internet Predators Are in the Mug-Shot Extortion Industry”

Meet Our Writers: Introducing Gus

FACTS / NU wants to do a better job of engaging the readers of this blog and our other materials. To that end, we have assembled a number of registrants or registrants’ family members who will contribute under pen names. Over the next few days, we will introduce a couple of our new post-writers. Here’sContinue reading “Meet Our Writers: Introducing Gus”

Should the Sheriff Abide by the Law?

(Reprinted from Ninety-Five%, the Nebraskans Unafraid donor newsletter) Should county law enforcement abide by state law? The answer, of course, is “yes.” Dunning with an American flag Except in Nebraska, where the correct answer might be something like, “Well, it depends on who you ask.” In Douglas and Lancaster counties, sheriffs do not allow registrantsContinue reading “Should the Sheriff Abide by the Law?”