A Small Step in the Right Direction

A limited step in the right direction in the Nebraska Legislature: State Sen. Bill Avery of Lincoln has introduced LB 932, a measure that would eliminate the “have you ever been convicted” question on job applications for public-employer jobs. That means jobs with cities, counties or the state. Avery says that limiting it to publicContinue reading “A Small Step in the Right Direction”

He Says ‘Kids Come First’ and Public Shaming Registry is Wrong

A talk show host who says, “Kids come first,” says that public registries for former sex offenders are just wrong. If you like the public shaming website in Nebraska, you should listen to this. An example: A registrant who’s done his time, trying to turn his life around and who is arrested for going toContinue reading “He Says ‘Kids Come First’ and Public Shaming Registry is Wrong”

Will Nebraska Engage Real Reasons for Prison Overcrowding?

The prison overcrowding topic is current in Nebraska, where the core issues might or might not be addressed. Voters should be aware of, and be prepared to question politicians about, the true reasons for prison overcrowding. As suggested in an earlier post, one reason is that there is money to be made from the prisonContinue reading “Will Nebraska Engage Real Reasons for Prison Overcrowding?”