‘Novel’ Idea: When You’ve Served Your Sentence, It’s Over

Received the following email (below the dashes) after posting the true story from the Nebraska courtroom (previous post). It makes perfect sense and it is the attitude that should be adopted by each and every offender once the sentence has been completed._ _ _ Ever hear of anyone using the argument once incarceration is overContinue reading “‘Novel’ Idea: When You’ve Served Your Sentence, It’s Over”

True Story: Judge Meets Low Expectations

True story from a Nebraska courtroom: The former sex offender, who never went to prison but was placed on probation — for good reason — petitions a state court in Nebraska for a set-aside, as the law permits him to do. It has been many long years since his offense. He has letters from psychologistsContinue reading “True Story: Judge Meets Low Expectations”

Are We Starting to Question Crazy, Hysteria-driven Sentences?

The U.S.  Supreme Court has indicated it has an interest in whether its view on the scope of the legal duty of users of child pornography to pay the victims might be affected by a ruling it made last month in a criminal drug case.  In a brief order in Paroline v. United States, the Court called for supplemental briefs on the impactContinue reading “Are We Starting to Question Crazy, Hysteria-driven Sentences?”