Nebraska Spent at Least $2.9 Million to Preserve $129,000 in Byrne Funds

In 2009, those who promulgated LB 285 — the Nebraska version of the Adam Walsh Act — filed a Statement of Fiscal Impact that erroneously claimed the bill would have no budget impact. That was just plain untrue. A major argument in favor of LB 285 was that Nebraska would avoid having 10 percent of […]

Lawsuit filed on behalf of juveniles placed on Nebraska sex offender registry

More fallout from a 2017 court ruling barring the state from listing a 15-year-old boy on the sex offender list. The Lincoln Journal-Star reports on a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Omaha.The attorney who successfully sued to keep a 15-year-old boy’s name off the state’s Sex Offender Registry now is seeking to file a […]

Hearing held on bill to remove juveniles from sex offender registry

The Judiciary Committee held a hearing on a bill (LB689) that would eliminate sex offender registry requirements for juveniles in Nebraska.The bill, introduced by Bellevue Sen. Carol Blood, applies to juveniles who commit sex crimes in other states and then move to Nebraska. It brings state law into compliance with a 2017 state Supreme Court […]

Senators introduce criminal justice bills on first day of session

The Unicameral opened its 2018 session this week. Senators introduced bills beginning on Wednesday, including several pertaining to the state’s criminal justice system.Lincoln Journal-Star reporter JoAnne Young has a rundown of some of the bills that were introduced on Wednesday. Bills deal with prison overcrowding, medical release of inmates, and rates for phone calls from […]