Pennsylvania High Court Deals Another Blow to Registration Laws

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court throws out lifetime registration for juvenile sexual offenders. In a 5-1 ruling on Monday, December 29, the court said the law is unconstitutional because it does not provide offenders the ability to challenge the assumption that they likely will re-offend. This is a good precedent. Every public-shaming website, including the oneContinue reading “Pennsylvania High Court Deals Another Blow to Registration Laws”

We’re Offering to Help You Help Us: Let’s Get Going

Nebraskans Unafraid wants your help in communicating with state senators and elected officials all across the state. We’re asking you to contact your state senator — or any other elected official who needs good information — and begin a conversation with her/him about the issues that are affecting your life. That’s what every other citizenContinue reading “We’re Offering to Help You Help Us: Let’s Get Going”

Six Simple Solutions

Every Nebraskan has a right to safety and security. Children, especially, should be safe and secure in their own homes. This right extends to the children and family members of Registered Citizens. Current Nebraska law deprives these innocents of safety and security. Research shows that current Nebraska law, in fact, makes Nebraska a more dangerousContinue reading “Six Simple Solutions”