Registries and Shaming Websites: Machinery That Transforms Victims Into Registered Citizens

Registries and public-shaming websites like the one we have in Nebraska do no one any good, and they inflict far more damage than our society is willing to admit. We are blinded by the fear whipped up by politicians and others driven by hatred who need to feel better than some group, in this caseContinue reading “Registries and Shaming Websites: Machinery That Transforms Victims Into Registered Citizens”

Study: Nebraska Law Jeopardizes Public Safety

It has been nearly 18 months since a legislative study found that Nebraska’s pre-2010 laws regarding sexual offenses did a better job protecting the public than the state’s current version of the flawed Adam Walsh Act. Here’s an excerpt from a story published in August 2013 in the Lincoln Journal Star: “In nearly all cases,Continue reading “Study: Nebraska Law Jeopardizes Public Safety”

NebraskaFACTS Blog Surpasses 15,000 Page Views

It took most of last year for this blog to reach 10,000 page views. We reported that milestone to you on November 24. It hasn’t even been two months, and our page views have grown by 50 percent. Within the past few hours, NebraskaFACTS page views surpassed 15,000. Thank you for reading and please shareContinue reading “NebraskaFACTS Blog Surpasses 15,000 Page Views”