Nebraska Spent at Least $2.9 Million to Preserve $129,000 in Byrne Funds

In 2009, those who promulgated LB 285 — the Nebraska version of the Adam Walsh Act — filed a Statement of Fiscal Impact that erroneously claimed the bill would have no budget impact. That was just plain untrue. A major argument in favor of LB 285 was that Nebraska would avoid having 10 percent ofContinue reading “Nebraska Spent at Least $2.9 Million to Preserve $129,000 in Byrne Funds”

Why prison should be abolished

Nebraska legislators have advanced a bill (LB841) that aims to address the state’s prison overcrowding problem. Nebraska prisons house approximately 5,300 inmates, when they were designed to hold just over 3,400 — 155-percent of capacity. Provisions of the bill include requiring the Department of Correctional Services to implement an accelerated release plan for inmates ifContinue reading “Why prison should be abolished”