If You’re Not Yet on a Registry, You Probably Will Be Before Long

In California, one out of every 375 adults is a registered citizen. This isn’t because Californians are especially sexually deviant. According to Chrysanthi S. Leon, a law professor and expert on sex crimes at the University of Delaware, it’s just because the Golden State set up its registry first, which means that pretty much everyContinue reading “If You’re Not Yet on a Registry, You Probably Will Be Before Long”

The Other Collapsing Campus Rape Story

In addition to the one at Rolling Stone magazine, there is another campus rape story that is collapsing under the withering glare of fact-checking. In this one, some experts are wondering if the accused might seek damages. Read about it here. Other useful news and opinion on the Rolling Stone mess: What Would Joseph PulitzerContinue reading “The Other Collapsing Campus Rape Story”

So Much for ‘News’ at Rolling Stone Magazine

First, understand this: Under no circumstances should a crime victim be attacked or blamed. In the emotionally volatile territory around sexual accusations, understand also that accusations are accusations until a court of law determines otherwise. Unfortunately, all but the most wildly improbable sexual accusations carry the weight (and often consequences) of conviction, even in newsrooms.Continue reading “So Much for ‘News’ at Rolling Stone Magazine”