Complex residency restrictions difficult to enforce; essentially useless

Here’s an article from Columbia, Missouri, that begins by explaining how difficult it is for law enforcement to enforce Missouri’s complex sex offender residency restrictions and ends up, perhaps inadvertently, proving the uselessness of residency restrictions. Certainly, many of the experts quoted in the article don’t seem to think much of the restrictions. Although MissouriContinue reading “Complex residency restrictions difficult to enforce; essentially useless”

Registered father prohibited from seeing son in NICU

Another story of a father prevented from visiting his young child in the hospital because the father is a registered sex offender. This story is from St. Louis, Missouri. The man was 19-years-old when the offense happened in 2004. The victim of the aggravated criminal sexual abuse was 13.  14 years later, he is aContinue reading “Registered father prohibited from seeing son in NICU”

Missouri legislature considers tiered registry

A report in the Columbia Missourian says a bill that would create a tiered registry system is advancing through the Missouri legislature. Under the state’s current system, nearly everyone is on the list for life. A Senate committee heard a bill that already has passed the House which would do three things:  Require stricter backgroundContinue reading “Missouri legislature considers tiered registry”