Complex residency restrictions difficult to enforce; essentially useless

Here’s an article from Columbia, Missouri, that begins by explaining how difficult it is for law enforcement to enforce Missouri’s complex sex offender residency restrictions and ends up, perhaps inadvertently, proving the uselessness of residency restrictions. Certainly, many of the experts quoted in the article don’t seem to think much of the restrictions.Although Missouri law […]

Registered father prohibited from seeing son in NICU

Another story of a father prevented from visiting his young child in the hospital because the father is a registered sex offender. This story is from St. Louis, Missouri.The man was 19-years-old when the offense happened in 2004. The victim of the aggravated criminal sexual abuse was 13. 14 years later, he is a husband and […]

Missouri legislature considers tiered registry

A report in the Columbia Missourian says a bill that would create a tiered registry system is advancing through the Missouri legislature. Under the state’s current system, nearly everyone is on the list for life.A Senate committee heard a bill that already has passed the House which would do three things: Require stricter background checks for […]

Ex-teachers offer input in preventing teacher-student relations

In Missouri, some former teachers who were convicted of having sexual contact with students are offering guidance to schools trying to prevent such relationships from occurring. To better safeguard schools from sexual predators, the Center for Education Safety turned to an unlikely source: Former Missouri teachers convicted of crossing the line with students. Six former school employees, most […]

The child brides of Missouri

The Kansas City Star has a series of articles about the prevalence of underage teenagers who get married — often to older spouses and sometimes to their rapist — in Missouri. Apparently, the Show-Me-State has the most lenient laws in the nation pertaining to 15-year-old brides, and the state is a destination for many seeking […]

Missouri Rep. proposes changes to state’s registry

A state representative in Missouri is proposing changes to that state’s sex offender registry, as reported by MissouriNet.State legislators are talking about updating Missouri’s sex offender registry to be more in line with the federal system. Under State Rep. Kurt Bahr’s proposal, three tiers of offenses would be created, corresponding with how serious the crime […]

Threats to arrest SO’s at KC mission prompt lawsuit

The Jackson County Missouri Sheriff’s threat to arrest registered sex offenders at the City Union Mission has prompted a federal lawsuit, claiming the sheriff’s actions are unconstitutional. The sheriff says the sex offenders are breaking state law by “loitering” within 500 feet of a park.The suit contends that the Missouri law does not adequately define […]

Op-ed: Don’t overlook fairness to accused

Attorney Ken Garten, writing in the Columbia (Missouri) Daily Tribune, says that the presumption of “innocent until proven guilty” often gets thrown out the window in cases of child sex abuse…to the detriment of not just defendants, but the legal system itself.Yes, these are horrible offenses, and children need to be protected. But the protections […]

Missouri Supreme Court backs civil commitment

The Missouri Supreme Court has upheld the state’s program that allows for the indefinite detention of sex offenders. The 6-0 decision, in separate cases involving two men, is reported in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.A public defender for the men had argued their commitments were punitive, meant lifetime confinement and amounted to second punishments after they […]

Sanity returns to Missouri, at least for now

Hundreds of registered sex offenders in Missouri will be able to remove GPS monitors, thanks to a court injunction against a state law that took effect on January 1. As reported in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:The Department of Corrections Board of Probation and Parole said it installed 364 GPS ankle monitors on sex offenders in April because of […]