Court rules Minnesota civil commitment program is constitutional

A federal appeals court has overturned a lower court decision in ruling that Minnesota’s sex offender civil commitment program is constitutional. Judge Donovan Frank ruled against the program in 2015. The appeals court ruled that Frank erred in finding the program unconstitutional, saying he held the state to an overly high standard when he declaredContinue reading “Court rules Minnesota civil commitment program is constitutional”

Must watch: Patty Wetterling speaks at Birchwood (MN) city council meeting

Patty Wetterling shared her wisdom with residents of Birchwood, Minnesota during a recent city council meeting. The town has considered a sex offender residency restriction ordinance, and Wetterling speaks with compassion for both offenders and victims and tries to dispel fear. “It’s fear that tears people apart,” she said at a meeting in Birchwood, aContinue reading “Must watch: Patty Wetterling speaks at Birchwood (MN) city council meeting”

Sex offenders face backlash in Minnesota

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports how many communities in Minnesota are scrambling to enact restrictive sex offender residency restrictions. The ordinances are a backlash against recent court rulings against the state’s sex offender civil commitment program. More than 40 communities have passed restrictions. As per The Crime Report: The city of Dayton, 25 miles northwest ofContinue reading “Sex offenders face backlash in Minnesota”