Milwaukee Council rescinds most residency restrictions

Under pressure of a lawsuit, the Milwaukee Common Council has voted to rescind most of the city’s sex offender residency restrictions. The city’s current ordinance bans many sex offenders from living within 2,000 feet of places like schools, parks and day care centers.  The measure, which was approved overwhelmingly, repeals such residency “buffers,” meaning thatContinue reading “Milwaukee Council rescinds most residency restrictions”

Milwaukee considering revising residency restriction

Residency restriction laws are under fire across the country, including in Wisconsin. The Milwaukee City Council is considering a proposal to ease its current 2,000 foot residency restriction, to 500 feet. The move is in response to a lawsuit filed against the city by six registered sex offenders. The city’s current ordinance bans many sexContinue reading “Milwaukee considering revising residency restriction”