Podcast explores job security for ex-felons and registered sex offenders

The latest Solitary Nation podcast explores the vexing problem ex-felons — especially registered sex offenders — have finding steady employment. Host, Matt Duhamel talks with Carolyn Esparza about his horrific experience with a Pacific Northwest employer over his criminal record from 10 years ago. Moving from Utah to Washington to take a full-time position withContinue reading “Podcast explores job security for ex-felons and registered sex offenders”

Debunking Halloween Sex Offender Hysteria

In the latest Solitary Nation podcast, host Matt Duhamel talks with RSOL Executive Director Brenda Jones about some of the ridiculous restrictions on the activities of registered sex offenders on Halloween and other holidays. Studies on registered sex offenders have shown no significant increase in risk for non-familial child sexual abuse on or just priorContinue reading “Debunking Halloween Sex Offender Hysteria”

Watch "Solitary Nation" podcast featuring Dr. Lisa Sample

Dr. Lisa Sample was the guest one the initial episode of the weekly podcast, “Solitary Nation.” Host, Matt Duhamel, talks with Dr. Sample about her research on sex offender laws, desistance from sex offending, and the effect the registry and public notification have on registrants and their families. Watch the 20 minute podcast here. FindContinue reading “Watch "Solitary Nation" podcast featuring Dr. Lisa Sample”